Literacy in the Community LLC (LitCom)

  Reduces Acquisition Cost Through Increased

 Small and Diverse Competitive Bidders

Increased competition is a proven cost cutting strategy. Using a Lean Management technique (competition), LitCom ‘solutions include a new small and diverse competitive provider base.

LitCom provides a proven, unique, and patented “Business Method” that support cost saving through increased competition. As a part of its Training and Consulting, LitCom provides actual help to small and diverse businesses to actually win competitive bids. These smaller diverse businesses reduce agency cost by increasing competition.

Certifications: University Of Washington: Small Business Certification Program, Solar Voltaic Associate: North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners, Record of Completion: Ground-Mounted Solar Installation Safety. Multi-year, approval under the Federal No Child Left Behind (NCLB): Washington, Michigan, and North Carolina.

C. Examples: Targeted wins using patented UUVCU with agencies/contractors





Contractor Type



U Contractor Analysis, Public Disclosure and regression analysis

Multiyear Statewide contract 

Small Business Majority Firm



Agency was underfunded. U Research identified public resources. Over 300 state wide PSAs. 

From roughly 10 contractors to over 125 Small Business and MWBE. Roughly $400K  yearly to roughly $40 million over 6 years. 

Small Business Majority, Minority, and Women Firms


Highline Tutoring

Public Disclosure and demographic market research

Helped to win many contracts for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Small Business Majority Woman Firm


NC School District

U more specific data analysis to better serve students through uniquely understanding Preparation and Energy for learning

LitCom communications strategy requested as a model to train other  firms in a 1,500 firm pool

Small and Large Business Majority, Minority, and Woman



A clear understanding of EYFO core competencies led to specific contract targets

Directed EYFO to at least two major multi-year contracts worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Minority Women Firm



Requested inclusion of DBE preference  

Gained DBE preference

Majority, Minority and Women Firms


Solar Ferry

Solar waivers in State Contracting

Requesting no more solar waivers 

Minority  Firms

D. Patented UUVCU Method The Universal User Variable Control Utility (UUVCU) is a method and system provided to allow users increased variable control over electronic communication. This invention allows users to vary (not limited) symbols; color, movement rate, and add text. With this invention a child can manually or automatically signal a parent when in danger, a senior citizen or a Veteran can alert loved ones or caregivers in life threatening times of need. UUVCU in helping people provides real world value accomplished through practical application.


License LitCom patented Universal User Variable Control Utility (UUVCU) Business Method  Patent, for 60 days, for training and consulting with support. The purpose is to improve business implementation and realization of their financial goals.