Words From Past Clients

Ø      A father recently reported that his LitCom student improved math SAT scores by 100 points. That student then went off to the college of their choice.

Ø      Another student’s parents recently reported that their student is doing great because of LitCom tutoring. The parent is not sure why it is working but loves the fact that the tutoring is helping their child and that he now clearly wants to read more.

Ø      Another parent reported that they were very grateful that we were able to send a tutor to their home because they had other small children, and it would have been impossible to get that help if they had to meet the tutor elsewhere.

Ø      Another parent reported that when her daughter got her LitCom tutor, her grades improved 100% from F’s to A's, and that it’s hard for them as parents to help their daughter since English is not their primary language.

Ø      Another parent was thrilled with the tutor LitCom paired with her four ESL students, remarking that tutoring helped tremendously and that one of her students scouldn’t read very well prior to tutoring, but learned to read and use a computer throughout tutoring.

Ø      Another parent reported that her student, who started out hating math, has become so strong that the student recently won a $35,000 a year scholarship to one of the best private schools in the nation.

Ø      “Yewobdar has gained a great deal of academic strength from her tutor.” --A 3rd Grade  Teacher

Ø      My Science grade has moved from no-credit to a “C” and I also received my first “A” in Math. My parents are very happy and I am even happier.” --A 9th Grade High School Student.

Ø      “Our WASL Reading scores improved by 14%. It takes committed people and these people are the best.” --A 3rd through 5th Grade Teacher

Ø      “They empower teachers to help students.”  --A 4th Grade Teacher

Ø      “My teachers now know how to help the students. We highly endorse them.” --A former Elementary Principal with the Most Improved Elementary School Award…Now a Superintendent

Ø      “ You have shown me a better way to succeed in life.  Because of you I have a desire to learn and I believe in myself more.” --A Very Special High School Student

Ø      ‘I am always praying for a tutor for my grandkids.  Thanks for being Jesus with skin on.”  --A prayerful Grandmother

Ø      “ Your tutoring really helped me.  One day I will be a judge and repay my mom.” --A 3rd Grade Student, accepted into Lakeside in the 4th Grade.

Ø      “One of our children tested out of Special Education. Another struggling with Math said, I aced that test Grandma. Another student will no longer need to attend summer school.” --An MSW and Director of a Community Learning Center

Ø      "They changed my life and the life of my teenager. She hated Math and would cry. Now we have fun studying together. I believe there is no person better able to enable children (and their parents) academically.”